Shred Nations is the industry’s only marketplace for local shredding services,
CONNECTING ready-to-buy customers with ready-to-serve shredding providers.

What we do…

We provide partners with a PLATFORM for more business.

Our powerful online marketplace is a real-time platform to grow your business. 
We connect you with a steady stream of customers, 24/7, on your terms, in locations where you want to grow your business.


We Power Independent Shredding Businesses Using Data-Driven Knowledge.

Last year we brought $24 million in new business to our local shredding partners using data-driven strategies


We Connect You to More Customers. 

We receive over 1,000 inquiries a day and have generated more than 1,500 sales-ready referrals per week for our partners.


We Help You Grow Your Business on Your Own Terms, Time and Territory

You are in the driver’s seat. We’ll work with you to define what type of leads you want, where you want them from, when you want to receive them and how you want to receive them.


We Help You Achieve More ROI

The average network partner invests $600 per month and receives access to more than $10,000 in immediate revenue. We can help you generate $126,000 in new revenue for a cost of less than $7000. That’s Return On Investment!


“Shred Nations has been an integral part of the success at NEXCUT. We are provided with a steady stream of warm leads that are primed and ready to close, from residential purges to recurring business accounts. Without a dedicated sales force this is an absolutely essential component of our revenue strategy. Interface is user friendly and customer service is always helpful. Simply put it is the best use of sales / marketing dollars that we have come across in our many years in business.”

Bryce Hesterman, Nexcut Shredding



“Shred Nations has been a valuable resource in our ability to penetrate new markets. The referrals connect us instantly with prospects who are ready to buy. Each referral is a fraction of the expense of a sales representative and allow me insight into new markets and competition that would take me months, if not years, to gain on my own. The service from the representatives is also top-notch; it’s like working with your own sales department but without the expense of personnel, marketing or additional resources. Working with Shred Nations has been a very profitable and pleasant  experience.”

Sarah Strydom, Jayhawk File Express