Why do you have a local phone number that is not mine on my listing?

  • Google and Bing require that we have our phone number listed to service the customers that we are sending your way. We made it a local number to make it easier for customers to contact us.


Can I upgrade my page to show in front of others in your directory?

  • Unfortunately at this time we do not have that option. We are constantly evaluating how to bring our customers and partners more value. We may have some options in the future that will enable our retail partners to do this.


How does this work?

  • We field around 1,500 shredding inquiries a day from across the United States. About one third of those inquiries are best suited to drop off their shredding at a convenient location near them. We refer those customers to our retail partners in their local market, including you. The service is free to our partners because we want to help customers find a solution to their needs.


What if I have multiple locations?

  • We can sign you up for all your locations. There is no limit to the amount of locations you can have with our service.


When will I start seeing more shredding customers from my Shred Nations service?

  • It is hard to tell. Most new locations see customers within 4-8 weeks.


Is there somewhere I can login and make changes to my listing myself?

  • Yes. You can go to https://members.salesstarnetworks.com/login.php. Use the username and password that you established when you activated your account. If you need help logging in, give us a call or use the “Forget Your Password?” link.


Do I have to pay Shred nations?

  • No. Your subscription is completely free.


What do I do when a Shred Nations customer shows up at my store?

  • The same thing that you do when any other customer comes into your store with their shredding. Weight it, charge them and deposit the documents in a secure shredding bin.


What if I do not have a shredding service?

  • Shred Nations has a network of shredding partners nationwide. We would be happy to set you up with a local shredding partner in your area.


We already have a shredder (Iron Mountain)…

  • Shred Nations does not provide the shredding services, but refers customers to the appropriate shredders. For small volume shredding, they will be directed to local drop off shredding locations such as your UPS Store. Large volume shredding will be directed to mobile or offsite shredding services.