The most successful Shred Nations partners perform at a 60% closing rate. Here are five ways to increase closing rates with Ready-to-Buy customers from Shred Nations.

5 Topics to Cover Before Price

Are you calling within seconds of receiving your Shred Nations notification?

Customers are time conscious. The first partner to initiate a call to the customer is more likely to win the business.

Do you verify quantities and then ask what motivates the customer’s need for shredding?

If the customer would like to shred confidential documents to protect themselves from identity theft, reassure them that they have come to the right place. Witnessed shredding is the most secure way to destroy documents. This step builds confidence and rapport.

Do you provide social proof?

This can take the form of “We are your local shredding company. We’ve been serving your community for ____ years. We are in your neighborhood twice per week. Have you seen our reviews, or would you like to hear from some references?”

Do you discuss their desired pick-up date?

The price of the service should be variant on date and time. If you are in their neighborhood on certain days, offer a more favorable price.

How to increase closing rates with Shred Nations customers.Do you say “ONLY $____”?

Set the tone for the price. You can say, “That’s our best price unless you can wait until we’re in the neighborhood and we can offer you a cheaper price.” This gives the customer the option to choose whether time or price is more important to them.

Bonus Tip: Boost Your Lead Value

As you near closing the deal, pitch your full scope of services to each lead that comes through. For example, if a 50 box purge comes in, it may be a customer who could benefit from recurring shredding without realizing it. By providing shred bins and regular shredding you’re able to create residual income and boost the value of the lead.

Starting a conversation with the customer and getting to know their needs and priorities will develop trust, ensure a positive experience, and create an all-around elevated value of service.

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