New customers take time and money to find. In fact, one of the largest costs of doing business is customer acquisition.

Below, discover how Shred Nations can help your business gain new customers that fit into your current routes and fall within the range of your services for a fraction of the cost of finding these customers yourself.

Video Transcript

At Shred Nations we connect our partners with a steady stream of ready-to-buy customers—creating a platform for local shredders to build their business on their own terms.

What We Do

Connect You to More Customers

Shred Nations receives over 1,000 inquiries a day and generates more than 1,500 sales-ready referrals per week for our partners.

Power Independent Shredders With Data-Driven Leads

Using data-driven strategies to generate leads, last year we brought in $24 million in new revenue to our shredding partners.

Boost Your ROI

The average Shred Nations partner invests just $600 per month and receives access to more than $10,000 in immediate revenue. For less than $7,000, we can help generate $126,000 in new company revenue—now that’s return on investment.

Concentrated Customer Routes

Shred Nations will give you customers in your service area to maximize route efficiency.

A major expense for mobile shredders is gasoline for trucks, especially when customers are spread out over a wide area.

With Shred Nations’ steady stream of local leads, partners choose when and where leads come from—letting you decide on the most cost efficient service routes.

No Need to Advertise

We send you new customers and leads directly—removing the need for you to invest in organic marketing to build your shredding business.

When you compare sales-ready referrals to the costs of traditional marketing and advertising strategies like direct mail, telemarketing, and other media advertising, being a Shred Nations partner offers clear financial advantages.

Cut Back Competition

At Shred Nations we handle website marketing—removing the need for our partners to elbow for space on the increasingly competitive internet landscape.

With strategic digital marketing keeping Shred Nations at the top of search results, we compete and win in online markets to keep up a steady (and continuously growing) stream of ready-to-buy leads for our partners.

Start Getting Sales-Ready Referrals Today

Shred Nations provides shredding customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketingJoin NEXCUT, Bayaud Enterprises, and other shredding companies who regularly receive our sales-ready referrals and boost their business.

Call our membership hotline at (303) 962-5576 or fill out our form to discover how you can benefit from partnering with Shred Nations.