Do you have a replacement policy?

Absolutely! If you happen to receive a defective referral, we will replace that referral with another one of the same value. Click here to read more about our replacement policy.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your membership for any reason simply notify us via phone or email. Once we have received and processed your request, we will stop sending you referrals. You are only responsible to pay for the referrals you received up to the time we have confirmation of your cancellation.

What if I need to go on vacation?

We all need a break- and we don’t want to charge you for referrals that you might receive while you’re taking a rest. Any Partner can set their account on ‘vacation hold’ for 10 business days. If you’re going to be gone longer than that, we’ll work with you- just give us a call at (303) 962-5576.

But if you don’t get a hold of us and your account exceeds 10 consecutive business days of inactivity, there is a chance that we will fill the territory that you cover with a new or existing network partner to maintain our high-level of customer service to our customers and to keep from upsetting the balance of contractor coverage.