The internet has created a unique opportunity for businesses worldwide. Individuals and businesses are using search engines and business websites to do research and make purchases online. Shred Nation’s marketing strategies to find and cater to customers with immediate shredding needs.

The Shred Nations Edge

Our visibility and customer services gives potential customers multiple opportunities to find a local, reliable shredding service by filling out a form outlining their needs, or calling our toll-free number.

We provide a clear path to what people are looking for, and once they commit to a quote request, our system takes over. Within minutes, they are contacted by a shredding company that’s part of our Partnership Network.

Staying Competitive

Keep in mind that our sales-ready referrals require speed (it’s not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow). The closing percentage for the “first responder” to a referral is very high, but sometimes the customer is truly looking for a selection of contractors in their area.

Making Customers Happy

The good news is that that customer generally chooses one of the quotes provided to them, and rarely goes outside of our network. Our goal is to provide a solution that eliminates the potential customer’s search for services by providing them with exactly what they’re looking for or need.

Let Shred Nations Bring New Customers Right to your Inbox

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